Friday, 9 May 2014

One last time...

I've pretty much left this blog behind, so come visit at Courage some time soon.

However, I do have some story ideas and assorted inspirations before I go. If they're single words/phrases, they're titles I never got fics/stories for:
  • standard Alice in Wonderland/DC parody: Haibara is Alice, Kid is the Rabbit, Conan's the Cat, Sera's the Hatter. There's some folders which have them kitted out in this way.
  • One Million to One: A counter set to one million. Some powers, set to destroy or save the world as the Counters see fit. One million days until annihilation...
  • Phantom
  • The Day Someone Dies
  • What if you could choose who to live the rest of your life with, starting from today? Would you regret your decision later on in life?
  • We are the people of the future.
  • Biofusion: Many years into the future, humans have learnt how to freely fuse with animals. However, as a result, there are the by-products of these fusions… the failed experiments.
  • Shutdown: All technology is being shut down due to health reasons, and the ones against the shutdown are violently opposed. This is the story of the final battle between the sides.
(Hah...the last two came way before The Future is Crimson did,

Little Lion Boy (the most recent fic) is going swimmingly. If you want, go read it, but be warned: it's in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn category.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Long time no see!

Hello again, my friends! It's all been going smoothly at Courage. I'm now working to make trappedbirdsflyingfree a better place for followers by summarising series you may be interested in checking out. No spoilers unless you pry in the rewatch section (for Blue Exorcist and Matantei Loki Ragnarok only). Or you could check Courage, or the tumblr tag for the series if you're so desperate. Remember, all summaries are my own, and if anything's incorrect, then my bad memory is to blame. I pick each series at random, please bear that in mind, and don't list authors/illustrators unless requested, 'cos that makes it quicker + that's the format.

To decode the bracketed info before every summary:
A - anime, G - game, M - movie, O - other and after those SJ - Shonen Jump, SS - Shonen Sunday, SM for Shonen Magazine

I've pretty much given up on tbff as my story romping ground except for a bowout chapter that's a little different to usual.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Some Ro.Te.O Info

Just here to drop off some more info about Ro.Te.O, Q and A style. I made up the questions, since Ro.Te.O isn't popular...
Q: Why are the protagonists yellow/red/brown? 
A: It doesn't seem like a good matchup, does it? But still...yellow is the colour of good, and red being fire would be the crossroad between good and bad. Brown was just because Katsuo was the last of the trio to be thought out.
Also...the main colouring of Crimson's duo is almost the same as the Ro.Te.O main duo - red/white (Crimson/Knight) vs red/yellow (Ryou/Tetsuya). (However white seems more predominant in Tetsuya's case.)  That's because of blood cells.
Q: You said the name Ro.Te.O has no real significance to the story. So did you ever change your mind about that?
A: Yeah, actually...after using my Japanese keyboard for a little bit, I found 'ryo-tei-ou' can mean 'wolf-emperor-king'. There'll be (yet) another character introduced, this translation will relate to them.
Q: Why are there so many characters in Ro.Te.O?
A: Ro.Te.O is just something I'm doing to improve my skills as a writer as well as for fun and for readers to read. So, every character I introduce will give me a chance to improve my skills.
Q: Are you doing anything to promote Ro.Te.O?
A: Yep, I've got this page. -->
Help yourselves to it.

Q: Where did you get the idea for the trio of stepsiblings?
A: Kanna was made for the need of more girls to counteract the boys in Ro.Te.O. Hazuki was made for the want of a kid like Kotaro (Mahou Sensei Negima), but with glasses, just 'cos I didn't have enough characters with glasses. (Well, only in the sense of Kotaro as in he gets aged up.) Momiji was made for the want of a crazy, irresponsible kid. He would have been a girl had I not wanted to go along with the theme naming of the lunar calendar.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Looking Back

It's always good to go back to your old stories and check them over for's some thoughts on my old fics I'll admit:

  • Genesis: Oh, no. I ain't reading that. I consider that to be one of my worst, even though it now has 678 reads (as of 9/7/13). The only thing I'll admit was good was chapter 4...I thought Genesis was ended prematurely (despite what I said about deleting it earlier in its run), and so I added chapter 4 to finally lay it to rest.
  • Experiment: This would be one of my best IMHO. "'All hail the new era of Shinichi,' his mind mocked him about his current status. 'Winged, wired freak that can't pass through an airport gate.'" and "I guess it's symbolic. Wings representing freedom, metal representing being trapped, wrecking balls representing ruined objects. But the real 'objects' that have been ruined are my life and my body." are two of my favourites out of chapter 3 (would you believe it?).
  • Destiny: It has a habit of having short chapters because it mostly explores one character per chapter. I was expecting to make future chapters longer, but because I have to maintain the 'one character per chapter' thing, it might end up being too much of a mess.
  • Doppelganger: Originally was good, but since demand went nuts, I'm rewriting it. Chapter 4 was confusing and now that I've read it over, I've discovered where the discrepancy lies with Hakuba's talking part. It's Kaito Kid's moves he anticipated, not anyone else's.
  • White Knight: Suffered like Doppelganger. It's become too confusing for me, and that's saying a lot - that's the reason a rewrite was in order.

As for new updates, Ablaze ch.5 and Stealing Stars ch.3 are probably the ones that will receive a release soon. Due to word demand on Ablaze's part, the update's taking a while.
Might come back to consult this in the future,


Friday, 5 July 2013

Ro.Te.O Info/TtAH vs Hataraku Maousama - spoilers abound!

If you've been following Ro.Te.O, then you'll want to see this! if it doesn't make sense, it either won't appear in the story at all or won't be too significant to the overall story.

Epithets/Colours: Each angel/demon gets assigned an epithet after gaining an archangel/archdevil status. They also have colours assigned to them, but there's no reason for that.
Lucifer: angel of destruction; colour red
Gabriel: messenger demon/demon of justice(?); colour gold - but he does have brown hair
Raguel: angel of justice and retribution; colour brown

There's basic form, true form and god's kinda like Pokemon evolution. Raguel's outfit is his true form, whereas the other two have their basic form (both facts as of this post).

There's only one more angel to add to the crew, but this one's an angsty type who brings horror to the story - I actually got attached to him because I put a lot of thought into angsty characters.

I have Curiel to release, too...someone's gonna be suffering because of their fear of syringes! 
TtAH is about a demon assassin/murderer (assassin does sound better than murderer, hence the title) called Lucifer who's the lackey of Satan himself. Why did I need to say that? My new fandom, Hataraku Maousama, also has said concept, but as a more supporting character.

  • colouring of hair - TtAH's Lucifer has hair like Gin (DC/CC), the other has purple hair. I decided TtAH's Lucifer has russet-red hair, but prefers to dye it silver.
  • TtAH's Lucifer uses a scythe as a weapon as well as magic. 
  • Like Thor of Matantei Loki Ragnarok, purple-haired Lucifer's pretty slack about his killing duties. As for TtAH's Lucifer, you'll just have to find out...
That's all I'll reveal for now.

Until we meet again, 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

On and on...

My newest fic Tracking the Assassin Hotline (TtAH) is my venture into my fandom of Matantei Loki Ragnarok...There was a predecessor called Assassin Hotline, that's why the name is like that. The cover for TtAH should be released soon, and it'll be on Tumblr if you want a better look. I just need to scan the pic and get the colour on.

Fallen Star has had its hiatus for over a year, if I'm right. I've had writer's block for a little bit, but I think I've got an idea that'll move the fic further.

...Argh, I could go on and on about my hiatus on many of my fics. Let's just say I'll keep quiet about that already.

I'm really sorry to those of you that loved Disappear, but it was getting too OOC on Ran's part. I also lost motivation for Aftershock, so that's gone too.

...and as for that comment about 30-something fics being enough for me, I'm still agreeing to that. I'm starting to feel a little snowed in by my fics.

MagicConan14 out.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Latest Ventures of MagicConan14

Now that I'm well and truly back in the swing of fanfics, now is a good time to update their status...

I normally stray away from horror...but now that I've taken a closer look at the horror genre, I think I might do a fic. The problem is that the only horror idea I have right now is part of Ro.Te.O, so it might not happen at all.

This year seems to be the year of rewrites. A Single Touch's rewrite was pulled off really well, IMHO. White  Knight and Steal the Night are currently undergoing the rewrite process, so I hope they turn out better too.

Moonlight Magic seems to have been on hiatus for over a year. Don't worry too much - there's a new chapter coming soon.

I have decided to not update Hot Tempered until I get volume 39 read. (Yeah...I haven't read it yet.) That's because it has one of the few arson cases in DC and it's the only one translated into English officially (but that's just my knowledge of things).

I have a random fanfic idea for anyone who thinks they're capable of claiming it. Just cite me and you can take it-
Run the Risk is the title. A list of things I had thought out were:
  • Gin isn't always cold and cruel like he is in DC.
  • He has an alter ego called Jin Kurosuke.
  • "You run the risk of _____." I never did fill in that gap.
So, until next time, minnasan,